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Bathroom Additions

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The bathroom is a great place and is one of the most essential parts of your home. You may have a bathroom that appears to be useful and beautiful, but after a while, this may change. There are people who find the need to get more space for their bathroom as their family grows. We offer bathroom additions in Seattle, as part of the bathroom remodel Seattle.

​We are experienced experts and we will handle the process, end to end. We have skilled bathroom designers, electricians, plumbers as well as craftsmen. This allows us to complete the bathroom renovations and upgrades, without creating a mess.

One of the things that we are keen on, is ensuring that we offer timely services, we will not let the job drag out as we respect your time and schedule. We have had so many residents asking for bathroom additions and in all honesty, we consider this to be a wise investment. This is a way of not only adding bathroom space for your family, but also it adds to the overall value of your home. In fact, studies show that that with professional bathroom remodeling Seattle WA you can have your home value increase up to 60%.

When working with our design experts, we will find the best solutions for the bathroom additions. This means that we will look for practical and cost-effective ways so as to make your bathroom remodel Bellevue WA, a worthwhile investment. If you are considering selling your home, you may want to consider an upgrade of the bathroom, through additions and this can make a huge difference. There are so many factors that we will put into consideration when it comes to bathroom upgrades. We will share with you all the ideas that we have so that you can pick what works for you.

Full Service Team

A common contributing factor to a renovation taking longer to complete is separate contractors arriving late. When your painters can’t start until the electrical gets done, and they can’t finish until the plumber resets pipes and fixtures, it makes a mess out of any project.

And the longer your job drags out, the later your teams seem to arrive each morning. Suddenly your tile team is three hours late, and the others are charging for their wasted time.

Instead, we prevent the need to call additional construction contractor services because we offer the best results for all your bathroom components. When your hired service providers aren’t tripping over one another, it only creates a more even finished room.

You don’t have to suffer through late contractors and flimsy excuses when you choose us to complete all your repairs and upgrades. Choose the team that always has your best interests in mind and save more.

Free Consultation Before Project Start

Most homes have extra and underutilized spaces that you may not recognize. One of the key roles that we will play is to help you find the perfect location for the bathroom additions.  This will be a decision that will be informed after consultations and evaluation of your home. We will consider the access to utilities, when choosing the location for the bathroom additions. We have the option of creating a new bathroom plan or remodeling your existing one. Whichever the case, you can rest assured that we are the best Seattle bathroom remodel contractors to serve your needs.

In this modern century, there are so many modern and versatile bathroom features that you can utilize. If you are still stuck with the conventional bathroom design Seattle, you want to consider our bathroom additions ideas. We will transform any space that we identify into a bathroom that is comfortable and functional and loaded with modern amenities. Choose our team of bathroom remodel specialists for all the bathroom additions and you will love the outcome.

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